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Hot & Hiring: 🇬🇧 London's 🇬🇧 Top 10 Tech Startups

With the upswing of tech startups in London, it’s become increasingly hard to choose the best to work for, which is exactly what this series sets out to do.

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4 Ways you may be Unfairly Rejecting Under-Represented Groups in Tech

Did you know that there's loads of incredible Tech talent out there that hiring managers are rejecting based on unfair and biased metrics? Not only are these screening criteria outdated and biased, they’re not helpful. They tell you very little. How can we do better?

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How do I become a data analyst? Here’s our bird's eye view.

Here we share what the role of a data analyst entails, how to get your first data analyst role and some of the key tools and skills you'll need to thrive.

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Becoming a junior developer - navigating this tricky path

Finding decent junior development roles is difficult, whether you’re a graduate or entirely self-taught. We’ve got some pointers to help build you up and nab the job you want.

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HOW TO...Get a Job at a Startup 🚀

Despite the reputation startups have for being more relaxed places to work, getting your foot in the door can be competitive. Check out our blog on nailing that new startup role.

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